Borough Burblings 11 January 2020


It has been a while since I last burbled and a new decade has started.  I suppose that we will be sick of jokes about our "2020 vision" or the lack of it before this year is out.

Secretary Con has done a great job in keeping the members informed about what is happening around the club and I will  now tell the wider world about some of them.

Congratulations go to Jan Robertson (again) and Con O'Shea for being the club champions this season.  Jan defeated Jan Conder and Con played Dean Carter again, this time triumphing.  Con said afterwards that it only took him 30 years of trying to finally get there.

The Champion of Champions finals start on Sunday 19 January and are at Bendigo.  In the first round, Jan will be playing Bendigo's Stephanie Priest and Con will be playing Alf Manallack from Lockwood South.  Good luck to both of our players.

Most of the BBD events have been completed and we have one champion from them.  Dawn Gibbs won the Ladies Novice singles final.  Dawn has been performing creditably in the Mid-week Div 1 games this season.  She now goes on to play in the Region final on Sunday 2 February to be held at City of Echuca BC.

The pennant christmas break is about to finish and Mid-week pennant are up to round 10 with Division 1 in the four and the Weekend pennant is up to round 9 with all teams in the four.

Mid-week:  Division 1 stormed into fourth position on the ladder in the run up to christmas with strong wins against Golden Square and Bendigo East.  They had a very slow start which is something that many Eaglehawk pennant teams seem to suffer from. 

Division 3 have had a number of close losses to date and are sitting in sixth position.  It is still possible that they can make the finals. 

Division 5 have been battling along and are eighth (out of 10). 

Mid-week pennant starts again ti coming Monday (13 January)

Weekend:  Division 1 are sitting in fourth position after a patchy season so far.  All of the games have been reasonably close, which is what you expect in Division 1.  It is interesting to note that 5 of the pennants that our Division 1 team won in this current strong period came when they had to play in the knock-out semi-final.

Division 2 are undefeated and clear on top of the ladder with seven wins and one draw.

Division 4 are second at the moment, not as dominant perhaps as last season, but still looking pretty good.

Division 6 have swept all before them and are on top.  They failed in the grand final last season and seemed to determined to get there again and make up for it.

Division 7 had a very slow start and also had a period where they did not play three consecutive weeks (walkover, general bye, section bye) but have clawed their way into third spot.  They have been battling with enormous player turnover which is not unusual in any club's lowest team, but have managed to hang in there.  The one rink that has not had many changes has been the Morgan rink; Luke, Leo, Riley and the honourary Morgan for the day. Leo is Riley's great grand father

Weekend pennant resumes on Saturday 18 January.

The Eaglehawk Community Challenge is around the corner.  If you are interested in entering a team please contact the club.

We have bid farewell to Dot and Trevor Clark who have moved up to the Gold Coast.  They both contributed to club throughout their time with us and we thank them for that and wish them well for the future.

Go the Borough!